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Welcome In Our Donation Shop!

In order to continue the development and being able to pay the monthly rent for our servers and the payment system subscription, we need your help. The workload to maintain this is constantly increasing and as we pay for this out of our own pockets, we hope that you may find something here that might be worth a donation. You need a legit copy of Minecraft to play on our servers, but you do not need to be logged in to receive your purchase. Please visit to get Minecraft if you haven't yet.

NOTE: This purchases here are in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. It is for one or multiple digital items on the YourGames.TV Minecraft servers. If you have purchase issues, please contact [email protected]


Starting at €3.15

Gain 2x Balls (1mo.+)
Receive 200k Balls
Get a cool in-game Tag
Many more...


Starting at €2.45

Spell Particles
Angry Particles
Enchant Particles
Many more...


Starting at €2.45

Slime Pet
Villager Pet
Enderman Pet
Many more...


Starting at €1.75

Get unbanned/unmuted
Get in-game money
Get a plot in the city (soon)
Many more...